Driving brand awareness

United Nations Step Initiative

Client intent

Drive international brand awareness and relevance.

The project

The United Nations Step Initiative offers a neutral platform where key stakeholders can search together for solutions to the world’s e-waste problem. In a public space, it is essential to communicate clearly and succinctly an organisation’s mission, vision, values and benefits. We helped Step achieve this through their written communication materials, marketing collateral and newly-redesigned international website.

The challenge

To understand the Step Initiative’s unique contribution to international development, we participated in worldwide General Assemblies where we engaged in conversations around the importance of brand development, direction and the power of branding in communicating Step’s unique role and relevance to the public. To fulfil Step’s truly unique branding potential, we drew on consulting and client team talent from Germany, the UK and Ireland.

The outcome

A clearer, more consistent expression of their mission, goals and values has enabled the Step Initiative to attract the awareness and interest of new members and stakeholders.


United Nations Step Initiative

The United Nations launched the Solving the E-waste Problem (Step) Initiative in response to a growing e-waste problem that suffered from low public awareness. In order to galvanise support, Step called on BrandCreate to help them achieve greater consistency and singularity of message regarding e-waste reduction.