Is going to work a waste of time?

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Recently we read a newspaper interview with a man in his thirties who decided to opt for a significant change of life-style; not just a small matter of being on-trend or ensuring he was driving the right type of car. No this modern-day hero decided to become a house-parent partly because his own job prospects were uncertain while his partner worked in the public service and enjoyed security of employment. The costs of child-care were proving very prohibitive – as they are for many couples – and it was becoming hardly worth his while to join the long commute to work for a relatively ordinary salary. By the time the child-minder was paid, there was little profit left over. So bravely and wisely, our protagonist decided to become a Stay-at-Home Dad and reboot his life as a full-time houseparent. How did he get on following his personal product relaunch?

During an initial settling-in period, Daidi Nua quickly learned that the daily demands of minding a house and caring for three kids was far from being a walk in the park – although there was lots of park-walking involved with the two year old. But soon he adapted and got on top of things; gaining great enjoyment from becoming central to family life. Things took on a newer, deeper meaning. So far, so good; the brand audit was showing positive characteristics. After six months, he took the first steps to retraining in order to begin an alternative home-based career as a wellness consultant – a sea-change from his previous pressured life in hi-tech territory. Today he’s working with his first clients; feeling vindicated, energised, challenged – but still very much in control of his own destiny. So, what’s the downside, what’s not to like; what’s missing from his new life as compared to his old? The answer is all those things that take up precious time in the workplace. What our self-engineered man missed the most were the water-cooler chats, the coffee breaks, the discussions about sport and politics and discovering the latest on new industry trends. He even admits to missing out on the gossip; the fuel of corporate life.  Totally to his surprise, he even missed the interminable continuum of staff and management meetings that seemed to grind on forever, and the reams of mostly unnecessary emails that daily landed in his inbox, demanding his immediate attention and 24/7 always-on attitude.

In other words, he missed the time wasting; the craic, the chats, the time-outs. Don’t we all?

How many hours of every working week are actually unproductive in the real sense of the word? How much extra cost is added to the already-high cost of doing business in our contemporary highly-competitive business environment? How much are firms all over the globe paying out in wasted man and woman hours? Billions is the best estimate; and it’s a cost that’s not going to decrease anytime soon. Unless … unless … unless …

Paring back to the essentials

BrandCreate is an exemplar of a new way of approaching the business of doing business. BrandCreate is a company that not only advises companies on how to embrace creativity in everything they do; it’s a company that employs creativity in everything it does in real terms. BrandCreate is creative to its very core.

We have no long-drawn out meetings in BrandCreate. Instead, a group of like-minded professionals representing every discipline of marketing become part of a fast-acting, quick-thinking collective. We team together sometimes in person but more often than not electronically to work with brands and work for brands in a dynamic challenging way. We cut to the quick, quickly. Then we go back to our day-jobs; writing, researching, analysing, media-matching, strategising. The client gets the cost-effective benefit of fresh minds working on fresh challenges and providing fresh approaches because the people who work with BrandCreate have a life outside the closed world of commerce. Their view is a contemporary world-view; influenced and ignited by real experience. And it costs less; and it quicker – all because there’s less waste of time in work.

Would there be a place for the man who inspired this Blog in BrandCreate? You can be sure of that. Is there a place for your brand, your company and your career to benefit from being part of the new world of BrandCreate? You can be equally sure of that too.

Brian will gladly tell you more.

Breandan O´Broin

Breandan O’Broin