Breandan O’Broin
Breandan O’Broin works with words. As a specialist copywriter, Breandan has created award-winning advertising campaigns for numerous leading national and multi-national brands, including Citroen, 7UP, Aer Lingus, MG Rover and the BBC. His craftsmanship lies in delivering pristine propositions that deliver deep market-penetrating brand values and powerful market-building identities for his clients.

Is going to work a waste of time?

  • Breandan O’Broin
Efficiency Speed Quality Costs
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Recently we read a newspaper interview with a man in his thirties who decided to opt for a significant change of life-style; not just a small matter of being on-trend or ensuring he was driving the right type of car. No this modern-day hero decided to become a house-parent partly because his own job prospects were uncertain while his partner worked in the public service and enjoyed security of employment. The costs of child-care were proving very prohibitive – as they are for many couples - and it was becoming…