Robert Brüßler
Robert is a dedicated, passionate and creative marketing executive with a keen interest in brand and digital management. Juggling an International Business Management programme in Germany, he has already been fine-tuning his skillset by working at BrandCreate’s Dublin office and immersing himself in the Chinese culture and language in Xi’an. A great team player, this is the man who will support your branding needs with fresh research, engaging insights and new international ideas.

Social Media in China – A completely different ball game!

  • Robert Brüßler
Social Media in China
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It is surprising how uninformed we Westerners are about Chinese social media channels. One year ago I confess to having been in the same boat! I had several fellow Chinese students in my bachelor’s program of International Business Management at HFU in Germany. Even though they were studying in Germany many of them were not on Facebook, which is quite unusual. Whilst I have European friends who choose not to be on Facebook as a personal statement, this was definitely not the case for my Chinese colleagues. The very first…