Robert O’Sullivan
Robert is a scribe: he is a Writer with a degree in English who admires language and loves to play with words. This has happily brought him into contact with the commercial edge of our brand development community where he brings new thoughts, perspectives and written approaches. At BrandCreate, we welcome broad and new perspectives and thought-sharing across our international talent base, be that by way of online blogging, social messaging or periodic papers on specialist brand and communications areas and issues.

10 traits that desirable brands have in common

  • Robert O’Sullivan
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There are very few hard and fast rules when it comes to effective brand management in an increasingly competitive market climate, but there are a few fundamental traits that desirable brands share. In order for successful brands to endure the ever-evolving market, these are some of the fundamental attributes they've built their brand model upon. First and foremost, a brand is only as good as the promise it delivers upon. What is the mission their brand wants to achieve? What is their brand's objective? With so much competition, the idea…