Robin Challis
With 35 years combined experience in market research and journalism, Robin is someone who continues to have a curious eye for the world. Articulating ideas clearly is his core skill, followed closely by an ability to gather information and get to the heart of what is going on. Well-versed in the various theories of psychology, communication and branding, Robin most enjoys the creative brain-storming processes that go hand-in-hand with good branding.

Qualitative analytics: still listening

  • Robin Challis
Qualitative Analytics: Still Listening
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The bottled water company wanted to push the fact that it was, technically, a mineral water, not just a spring water. The bank wanted to impress with its global scale, because it was really big. The health insurance company wanted to show-case the surgical procedures its customers could access, because it could offer more than its competitors. The detergent manufacturer wanted to explain that smaller doses of its concentrate are as effective as older bulkier brands, because it had achieved a technical breakthrough in detergent production. The airline wanted to…