Rebranding a European leader

Aurelius AG Wellmann International

Client intent

Rebrand to achieve international competitive advantage.

The project

Wellman International needed a comprehensive rebrand in order to communicate and strengthen its position in the international marketplace. Our team began by analysing brand visioning and messaging, before expressing core strengths through exhibition stands and materials, video and films, online brand experience and product packaging design. To make sure everyone was on board, we also held staff workshops and internalisation sessions.

The challenge

To gain a deep understanding of available opportunities for Wellman International, we travelled to major international exhibitions where market developments, trends and opportunities for innovation were identified by our internationally-talented team.

The outcome

The rebrand of Wellman International reinforced its unique reputation as market leader and resulted in a competitive repositioning of the company in international markets.



Aurelius AG - Wellmann International

Aurelius AG is a Munich-based pan-European investment company worth €1.5bn. Aurelius AG sought to reposition a number of its companies and brands within its international client portfolio and to grow brand value for competitive advantage, asset development and ultimate market disposal. One of a number of Aurelius companies that our brand team worked with was world-leading polyester fibre producer and innovator, Wellman International.