Transforming the business

Branding Carbon Group

Client intent

Transform Carbon Group into a brand-centric business.

The project

In order to reposition Carbon Group’s business activities onto a brand-centric footing, we delivered workshopping management, brand definition and positioning, an internalisation programme and a whole new brand management structure. With the foundations solidly in place, work began on external and online communications.

The challenge

The challenge here was to change the very essence of Carbon Group’s communications strategy. To do so, we needed to first understand the brand, then engage with company employees and deliver a brand transformation strategy. This co-ordinated closely with the range of operational change programmes and initiatives already active within this highly-ambitious and motivated organisational environment.

The outcome

As a result of our intervention, Carbon Group was repositioned from a wholly product-centric organisation to a brand-centric group.


BrandCreate bring world-class talent and great international experience in how they advise, research, design and implement branding strategy, development and solutions. We’re impressed by their quick understanding of our complex business issues and their dedication to process and creativity to drive change. They’re a great team to work with and I can honestly say that their work has been deeply transformational. Our brand is now repositioned, and we understand how to use it, enabling us to take our company’s growth to new markets and to the next level.

Brian Walsh, CEO, Carbon Group.

Carbon Group

Carbon Group is a leading player in the manufacture and distribution of own-label and internationally-branded products in the Paint & Equipment, Food Ingredients and Chemicals sectors. When the company sought to reposition itself from being a resolutely product-centred business to a brand-centred one, it turned to BrandCreate.