Why commission online video for your website?

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When people ask me the question should I employ online video on my website I inevitably answer yes. But of course that is pure callous self-interest because I and my film team make them. Beyond self-interest though the arguments for why have video content on your site range from the statistical, to the empirical to the philosophical.

Statistics of course can support any point of view, but there is no arguing with the fact that Google’s search algorithm favours video. The chances of getting that all important page one Google search listing, increases 53 times with video embedded in your website. And take it from someone who drove miles to get his shattered mobile phone fixed by the company who popped up first in a Google search, when he could have got it done around the corner, that page one listing counts…

Empirically the evidence is clear – a picture really can tell a thousand words. Once you have got people to your site you want to keep them there and keep them interested in what you are trying to say or sell. People’s expectations of websites, or social media offerings are that information will be presented concisely. That means no more verbose manifestos and so once again all stats point to the fact that video on your site ensures people stay around longer – 2 minutes longer than on a website without video content.

Philosophically, it boils down to the question of will my online video be any good? Will it be embarrassing and fail to do what you want it to do? We think it helps to shift the terms involved. Transfer the word video for film and immediately the first impressions change. If video summons up ideas of cheap wedding or bad corporate videos, think in terms of film, or short documentary and all of a sudden the proposition of having film content on your site immediately seems more interesting and desirable.

A good production company can take your already interesting story and make sure that it is interesting to the rest of the world – their skills are all about providing content that is eye catching and conveys key messages, as well as being emotionally engaging. More importantly, a good production company can continue to chart the evolution of your story, keeping your audience interested for the long haul.



Kevin Hylands

Kevin Hylands